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Kai Klahre

Klahre dominates the figurative; either painted on a canvas, metallic background or as a painted sculpture – which at first would explain its highly differentiated body language. For this purpose, Klahre has created a range of possibilities that communicate intimate gestures, attitudes, and movements to the audience.
In summa, the representation of figures is almost encyclopedic. Viewed individually, each subject in the work seems to be charged with an empirical claim. What Klahre gives the figures to endure is additionally supported or impelled by the spatial environment that he assigns to them. Amazingly deep and precise, Klahre can explain each of his figures with his specific, very economical, almost gesticulated means.

In the paintings the figures either push out from the color or dig themselves in deeper, they starting to reveal yet conceal themselves, or push forth from the image to emerge themselves in the space of their environment.
The space which Klahre interprets using the least formal gestures references both dark fairytale moments - with motifs such as the forest, plants or caves – as well as the undefined closeness of a pit or a shack. The sovereign design of nature is only a means: "That which is shown is not natural, but an interesting one." This creates "tension by omitting."
On the aluminum base used, the oil color layers are like pastures and pastels applied smoothly to the surface. The reduced coloring brings out the shape in the foreground, while at a distance the coldness of the metal surface allows for precision and stability.

Like the paintings, the sculptures have their origin in drawing. On the basis of extensive sketchbooks it is obvious that Klahre develops his creatures from memory. The small sculptures are completely free in the room. Here too, they are dreamlike, evoked and forced by the subconscious. They carry gestures of protection and defense and it is the palpable orientation in which the space around the sculpture is now complete.
The unfinished and experimental gesture is emphasized in the work as Klahre leaves traces of the corrections and reworking for the viewers to see. Bronze casts are rare, because the idea of leaving the original as is, while exposing all of the work that leads into the final piece, is important. The sculptures seem to spring from his paintings as though they are proving to be a painting by other means.


born in Halle (Saale)
Freies Institut für Kunst und Design
2003 - 2005
studies painting under supervision of Prof. Christine Colditz and Prof. Thomas Hartmann at the Academy of Visual Arts (AdBK). Nuremberg
Oskar Forster scholarship
master-class pupil with Prof. Thomas Hartmann
Kai Klahre lives and works in Nuremberg.


»Mitunter die Realität« Galerie Anette Müller. Düsseldorf (G)
»ECCE HOMO? ECCE HOMO!« St. Canisius Berlin (G)
»Paper« maerzgalerie*(plus) Leipzig (G)
»Öldurst« Galerie Sturm. Nuremberg
»companions« maerzgalerie, Leipzig
»elemental« with Clemens Tremmel. maerzgalerie, Leipzig
»Chimäre« Galerie Bernsteinzimmer. Nürnberg
»Arsenal« maerzgalerie, Berlin
»Klahre – neue Arbeiten« Galerie Schwarz, Greifswald
»Huedra« Kunstmuseum Bayreuth (G)
»salondergegenwart« Hamburg (G) (K)
»showcase« maerzgalerie, Leipzig (G)
»Tierstücke« works from the collection SØR Rusche. Museum Abtei Liesborn, Wadersloh-Liesborn (G)
»Orkan« maerzgalerie, Leipzig
»Eros und Thanatos« works from the collection SØR Rusche. Werkschauhalle Spinnerei Leipzig (G) (K) »about watching« with Patrik Entian. maerzgalerie, Berlin
»Stillstehende Sachen from the collection SØR Rusche. Niederländische Stillleben des 17.Jahrhunderts im Dialog mit zeitgenössischer Malerei« Museum Abtei Liesborn des Kreises Warendorf, Wadersloh-Liesborn (G)
show with Michael Soltau and Ernst Hesse. Galerie Hubert Schwarz, Greifswald (G)
double show with Sebastian Schrader. maerzgalerie, Leipzig
»Westend Sommer« Galerie Hubert Schwarz, Greifswald (G)
»Staffel – Kai Klahre und Kollegen« Galerie Lutz, Nuremberg (G)
»B:EAST – Temporaeres Kunst- und Kulturunternehmen« Nordostpark, Nuremberg (G)
»Vierunddreißig zu Kleist« Galerie Alte Schule Adlershof. Berlin. St. Marienkirche. Frankfurt an der Oder. GDA Wohnstift, Neustadt (Weinstraße) (G)
»FERMENTE – positions of young art« maerzgalerie, Leipzig (G)
»alles/nichts/oder« Galerie koal, Berlin (G)
»Güdü Hottner Klahre« Stadttheater Fürth (G)
»Four Painters« Gallery of the Academy Nuremberg (G)
»Entkernen« Galerie Destillarta, Roßtal
»Price Holders« Galerie mit der blauen Tür, Nuremberg (G)
»Von Menschen und anderen Tieren« Galerie Schwarz, Greifswald
»Unter Druck« Gallery of the Academy Nuremberg
»Hottner und Klahre« Schmidt-Haus, Nabburg (G)
»Drei unter einem Nenner« Galerie Arte Nobilis, Regensburg (G)
»Tier und Mensch« exhibition project of Nuremberg
»Druckgrafik und« AKT Kunstverein Amberg e.V.
exhibition series »Pavillon 15« Museum Ratingen. Galerie Pankow Berlin (G)
»Jahresausstellung« Freunde der Kunst e.V. Oberviechtach
»Kai Klahre« Galerie mit der blauen Tür, Nuremberg
»Weihnachtsausstellung« Galerie mit der blauen Tür, Nuremberg
»Klahre zeigt« Hase & Moos e.V. Nuremberg
»Jahresausstellung« AdBK Nuremberg
»Gelacht wird im Wald« Gallery of the Academy Nuremberg
»Hoppla Druckgrafik« Dizzys Galerie, Nuremberg
»Junge Künstler aus Bayern und Böhmen« Centrum Bavaria Bohemia. Schönsee
Tiergartenhotel, Nuremberg
»Zeichnung« Kunstverein Erlangen
(G) group exhibition (C) catalogue
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