REITER galleries

10-31-2014 – 12-20-2014 | R E I T E R Leipzig Plus

Robert Stieghorst

Cameo - thirteen Entelechies

„Cameo“- Robert Stieghorst’s guest appearance in the maerzgalerie (plus)* is the first solo presentation of the young Berlin-based artist in Leipzig. The painter, filmmaker, graphic designer and installer created the „Thirteen Entelechies “ for this show. The 13 works, hybrid forms as painting and collage, agitate at nothing less than the ultimate basis of human self positioning; Stieghorst relates idealistic antonyms – such as the human being and the universe, the familiar and the foreign, the me and the world experience – with concrete metaphors. Done in a kind of Radical Realism , these complements are concretely illustrated and therefore formally widening and perfecting the potential of the collage.