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04-24-2015 – 08-15-2015 | R E I T E R Berlin prospect

Hans Aichinger

Die Entdeckung der Kontingenz

„[...] The thread running through all his recent pain- tings is the theme of the creature that creates itself – homo faber and divino artista, so to speak – in search of the meaning of its existence. Frequently, Aichinger manages to present in individual paintings, precisely by means of the exaggeratedly posed quality of their figures, a symbolic contend that goes beyond the level of concrete action. This results in parable-like paintings à clef of a human existence that connects the course of time“.

Auszug aus: Joachim Penzel: „Von Natur aus falsch – oder: Die Wahrheit der Malerei“. In Monographie: „Hans Aichinger. Wahr- heit oder Pflicht“ Hirmer 2013.