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01-14-2022 – 02-26-2022 | R E I T E R Berlin prospect

Carsten GoeringChristian HolzeWanda StolleClaus Georg Stabe


Future Statements #Capsule (Christian Holze, Detail)
Future Statements #Capsule (Christian Holze, Detail)

We cordially invite you to the opening of the final show of the exhibition series »Future Statements«. The group show #CAPSULE presents new and recent works by all four participating artists Carsten Georing, Christian Holze, Wanda Stolle and Claus Georg Stabe.

Friday, 14 January, from 5 - 9 pm.


For the majority of freelance artists, the period of social distancing was a time of ‘productive invisibility’.
Such a state can actually create more space for ideas and a more intense working process. Perhaps such situations sharpen critical self-observation. The tendency towards a more inward-directed perception probably strengthens the willingness to question oneself. However, when a comparison with the public sphere is not possible, the work is unable to establish a relationship to the outside world. However, since Duchamp, isn’t it precisely the environment that determines what becomes art? As a consequence, doesn’t the unseen work remain within its own present as a recording for future times?

The exhibition series “Future Statements” shows precisely this working phase, as exemplified in the studios of Carsten Goering, Christian Holze, Wanda Stolle and Claus Georg Stabe. These represent four very different artistic approaches. However, all of them explore, in a certain sense, the manipulative and at the same time liberating possibilities of media synthesis and penetration. They lead into the border layers of material and appearance or system and environment.
The exhibitions will be accompanied online with insights into working processes, background themes and documentations. The virtual space itself, as a playing field of digital art, will also be integrated. In conclusion, the series will be documented with individual catalogues on each exhibition.

Kindly supported by the Stiftung Kunstfonds, NEUSTART KULTUR program.