REITER galleries

03-08-2013 – 04-20-2013 | R E I T E R Berlin prospect

Claudia Rößger


It is an alternative, a fantastical world of images.
In Claudia Rößger’s drawings and paintings, the creation of a sense of values of individually orchestrated rituals take place. The artist starts from the sensual aesthetical power of attraction of historically specified elements; Rößger is capable to abstractly grasp the ceremonial, the ritual, the iconography of folklore, costume and symbol. From this perspective, she may structure the passed-on arsenal into its constituent parts and encourages them – like with a magic spell – to a life of their own. Laminarily painted or drawn with fine lines, particularly figures of absurdly abnormal shape arise. These creatures, attracting and rejecting at the same time, become a creative task for the observer.