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»Theories of the deep understanding of things 3« (detail) 2016, oil on canvas, 210 x 150cm
05-06-2017 – 07-16-2017

  • Wilhelm Frederking

»Theories of the deep understanding of things« Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz . Museum Gunzenhauser . Opening 5th of May 7pm

»Situative – die Protagonisten, die Möglichkeiten« (Videostill) 2016, HD, 4K 16:9, 8 Min.
04-26-2017 – 05-01-2017

»SEHSÜCHTE« 46th International Student Film Festival . Potsdam-Babelsberg

Drawing Now Paris Logo
03-23-2017 – 03-26-2017

Drawing Now Paris

»Drawing Now 11« Le salon dessin contemporain . Carreau du temple

»Tactio« (detail) 2016, ink on watercolour paper, 98 x 130cm
03-17-2017 – 04-29-2017

»Bicolor« with Stefanie Kabitzke . LAProjects . Galerie für Gegenwartskunst . Landshut . Opening 16th of March 7pm

»Narration« (detail) 2016, filmstill, 45 minutes, 16:9 (HD/2K)
03-13-2017 – 03-19-2017

»Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin« - New Cinema and Contemporary Art . screening of the film »Narration« at "Fiction stratum" . Gaîté Lyrique . Paris

»Icy Prospects 20« (detail) 2008, c-print,160 x 198cm
03-11-2017 – 05-28-2017

»Zwischen Licht und Dunkelheit« - Licht in der finnischen Gegenwartskunst . Stadtgalerie Kiel . exhibition participation

»Haute Kantár« with Philipp Eberle
03-11-2017 – 04-17-2017

  • Marie von Heyl

»Haute Kantár« with Philipp Eberle . Kunstverein Pforzheim . Opening 10th of March . 7pm at Reuchlinhaus

Marie von Heyl »The Ease of Handling« 2016, multi-media-installation
03-04-2017 – 03-04-2017

  • Marie von Heyl

»Dinggeister und Geisterdinge« - artist talk with Marie von Heyl

The average German person owns approximately 10,000 things. And this number will continue to grow. Not every one of these objects has immediate utility, but that does not mean that it is not needed - our relationship to things is multifaceted and multifunctional.

Manuele Cerutti »idolo« 2012, oil n canvas, 34 x 30cm
02-25-2017 – 04-16-2017

  • Manuele Cerutti

»Gleiches zu Gleichem« Wilhelm Hack Museum / Rudolf-Scharpf-Galerie . Ludwigshafen . Opening February 24th 6pm . solo show

Lars Bjerre »Die Natur der Schwerkraft mit Hilfe eines Pümpel begreifen« 2016
02-25-2017 – 03-19-2017

»AT GÅ MED SUTSKO LAVET UD AF TRYLLEDEJ« (To wear slippers made out of magic dough) HUSET I ASNÆS . Denmark . solo exhibition

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