REITER galleries
11-20-2020 – 02-06-2021 | R E I T E R Berlin prospect

  • Juliette Sturlèse
  • Sophie Ullrich


exhibition opening
Friday, 20 November 12 PM - 9 PM
Saturday, 21 November 12 PM - 6 PM

Juliette Sturlèse’s large paintings oscillate between figuration and abstraction, sitting comfortably between the two. The highly suggestive…
09-26-2020 – 12-19-2020 | R E I T E R Leipzig

  • Hans Aichinger
  • Stephan Huber
  • Per Kirkeby
  • Ibrahim Mahama
  • Thomas Taube

The Inner Land

For most city dwellers, a landscape is a space more often experienced as a state of mind, rather than an embodied experience. We carry with us topographies into which we can project ourselves. These spaces, both remembered and imagined, become the terrain of our fantasies and chimera. For migrants,…