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Ibrahim Mahama, 'Vanishing Points. 2014–2020', 2021

  • Ibrahim Mahama

Ibrahim Mahama, 'Vanishing Points. 2014–2020', 2021. Published to coincide with his solo exhibition, ‘Vanishing Points. 2014–2020’, at REITER | Leipzig.

Ibrahim Mahama. Photo Punctum/ Alexander Schmidt
09-17-2021 – 09-17-2021

  • Ibrahim Mahama

Book Launch + Artist Talk at The Museum of Visual Arts in Leipzig – Friday 17 September, 6–8 pm.

Ibrahim Mahama: Lazarus, White cube, London
09-15-2021 – 11-07-2021

  • Ibrahim Mahama

Ibrahim Mahama: Lazarus, at White Cube, London

Clemens Tremmel: Malerei, im Schloss Detmold, Lippische Gesellschaft für Kunst
09-05-2021 – 10-10-2021

Clemens Tremmel: Malerei (Painting), at Schloss Detmold, Lippische Gesellschaft für Kunst

08-22-2021 – 09-26-2021

»arca« Installation, Hauptkirche St.Katharinen, Hamburg

Poster Campaign by Lydienne Albertoe and Mariavittoria Campodonico (Werkplaats Typografie)
07-02-2021 – 08-29-2021

  • Ibrahim Mahama

sonsbeek20—>24 force times distance

Ibrahim Mahama: As the void, vali and voli
06-04-2021 – 09-15-2021

  • Ibrahim Mahama

Ibrahim Mahama: As the void, vali and voli

06-01-2021 – 08-29-2021

»Licht!« Exhibition project for the 200th anniversary of the district of Fulda / as part of the Kultursommer Fulda

Vienna Biennale
05-28-2021 – 10-03-2021

  • Ibrahim Mahama

Ecologies and Politics of the Living - An exhibition by the University of Applied Arts Vienna / Vienna Biennale for Change 2021

Ibrahim Mahama »On Hunger and Farming in the Skies of the Past 1957-1966«

  • Ibrahim Mahama

Trafalgar Square Fourth Plinth (2022 - 2024): Ibrahim Mahama shortlisted

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