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03-16-2018 – 04-14-2018 | R E I T E R Berlin prospect

Sümer Sayin

An Inventory of Reflections

Sümer Sayın mainly works with objects and installations. She is interested in how we perceive the world and to what extent we create alternative realities. In the passage between these two territories, she addresses social and scientific topics in a poetic way, using a minimalistic form and material language. Visual elements involved in geography, space, time and language are consequently reinterpreted, in order to create new perceptions and experiences. Sayın uses ready-made objects, graphic and linguistic signs or symbols, and manipulates them through reflections, fragmentations, repetitions, loops etc.

Sümer Sayın studied art in Istanbul, Lyon and received her Master of Arts degree from the Oslo National Academy of Arts. Various international art prizes and work scholarships led her to work residencies, among others. to France, Sweden, Canada and the USA.

In her first solo exhibition in Berlin, she shows works from her most recent works since 2015.
Sayın lives and works in Istanbul and Berlin.