REITER galleries

04-27-2017 – 06-29-2017 | R E I T E R Berlin prospect

Dan Stockholm

Don't think about death

The concept of Danish artist Dan Stockholm’s solo show »Don’t think about death« started through the friendship between himself and Syrian artist, Nourhan Sondok. The two met on social media, and from behind their screens in Copenhagen and in Damascus, their correspondence has led to several new works specifically made for the exhibition spaces at R E I T E R | Berlin prospect.
In spite of the dangers faced in Syria, Nourhan has been collecting building fragments from all over Damascus. The fragments are compiled from a wide spectrum of constructions: from 4000-year-old columns; to newly constructed buildings destroyed in the Syrian conflict. The collection of fragments portrays the essence of Damascus that is considered to be among the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world. The collection is part of a filmed performance where inhabitants of Damascus use the fragments of their city as tools to create drawings directly on the ground.

At the opening of the show, a performance will take place in the courtyard of the gallery - linking Berlin and Damascus. Other new works in the show include a process archive of images printed on glass showing Nourhan’s hands whilst handling the fragments; and ‘Body~Build’, a series of performative new sculptures merging the body and construction presented on special scaffolding displays.