REITER galleries

01-16-2016 – 04-16-2016 | R E I T E R Leipzig

Claus Georg StabeClemens TremmelKai KlahreManuele CeruttiSebastian NeebThomas SommerSabina TimmermansRadu BelcinCarsten Goering

Paint Euphoria

Radu Belcin . Manuele Cerutti . Carsten Goering . Sebastian Neeb . Kai Klahre . Sophia Schama . Thomas Sommer . Claus G. Stabe . Sabina Timmermans . Clemens Tremmel

Paint represents adopted stereotypes or intends indiviual tempers. Paint is emotional and symbolic, physically perceptible or the result of physical impacts. The group show aspires to collect the very different paintworks in a formal installation, but at the same time meet the requirements of each works hermetics and their correspondences.