REITER galleries

11-18-2017 – 12-19-2017 | R E I T E R Leipzig Plus

Lars Bjerre

Sun in Splendour II

Presenting a new series of works, the exhibition »Sun in Splendour II« by Danish artist Lars Bjerre comprises several paintings and installations that evoke a dystopian scenario set in an infinite and deserted landscape. The canvases are covered with thousands of round painted pebble stones amongst which small cactuses grow, throwing shadows onto the colourful dots. Primed in black, green and red, the paintings' visual temperature depends on their background. The atmosphere of this monotone landscape is transferred into the exhibition space, as round clay pellets toned in the same colour as the dots cover canvases and the gallery's floor. Interested in the aesthetic conveyance of environmental phenomena and the direct or indirect effects of human interference in nature, Bjerre observes in his artistic practice details of processes of manipulation and optimisation, substantially influencing the perception of nature.