REITER galleries

01-19-2018 – 03-03-2018 | R E I T E R Berlin prospect

Thomas Taube

The Trope's Trap

»The Trope's Trap« can be described as an endless search for a picture’s meaning, relevance and reference. The first trope is the perspective of the image creator. Nobody has control over the next one. Generally, the artist's interest in looking beyond the curtain of things reflects the interest of the viewer.
But Taube is not expecting anything from the viewer and is rather keen on finding out what the gap between the work and the viewer consists of. This is the point where a counter-reality arises. The result is an intersection from an observer’s subjective reality and a counter-reality evoked by the work. Taube's works are aimed at exactly this moment between work and viewer, which is perhaps the most intense and productive one that art has to offer.

In each room of the gallery, a sovereign piece of art can be seen. Objects, drawings or films are shown in a one-, two- or multi-channel presentation. All films are played back simultaneously and combined in such a way as to point out significant correlations in particular moments. The connecting elements within each of the films are difficult to experience as our perception barely allows it.
Taube’s works create a complex mirror of our perceived reality: an existence of meanings that are not tangible, despite the knowledge that they are there - but almost unattainable, and at the same time multiplying infinitely.

"I will one day simply believe and recognise thoughts, structures and textures and then try to follow the illusion of being able to distinguish them from each other and from those who look at them.Then it will be possible to see connections between all these illustrious things. Knowing that they have always existed, that everything, such as the forms and the formed, shimmered before your eye. "