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Hans Aichinger

Hans Aichinger's works (painting, oil on canvas) are filled with concentration: firstly in the way he uses it to paint the highly accurate figures, and through the tension that is placed in the minds of the characters themselves. This concentration does not reveal its object as it lies outside of the frame - without reference - in the open. Thus, Aichinger creates a harmony between figuration and abstraction, and at the same time, he makes the legibility of the images possible and impossible.
The figures are performing on a minimalist stage, no portraits, mostly soloists without concrete opponents - but with counter-stands, or resistances: a wooden stick, stuffed animals, pebbles, toys or, even more, reduced, with a physical gesture - as an expression of internal compression. We are confronted with mainly adolescents still on the way to the acceptance of one's appearance, with naive self-assurance and openness. Background and space are strangely indefinite and speechless, and in the medium format, the figures appear almost life-size at eye level with the viewer.

The ambivalence of works such as »Abnehmendes Licht« (»diminishing light«) or »Unruhe« (»unrest«) have an explicit yet undefined side, it is here where the works begin to assert their abstraction. The indefinite "assumption of form" in Aichinger’s works presents the protagonist on the one hand, but same time the pictorial content is both objective and abstract. This suspicion is supported in Aichinger's precise accuracy, which goes beyond any realism and where the form begins to dissolve.
These elements, which are almost microscopically alien to the detail, have no specific meaning but are there to direct our perception. Thus the abstraction comes into the work subtly by taking short detours along the way. His inclination towards the non-representational ideal image comes from Aichinger surprisingly close - albeit from an unexpected direction.


born in Leipzig
1982 - 1986
studies under supervision of Prof. Bernhard Heisig at the Academy of Visual Arts. Leipzig
1992 - 1997
teaching activities at the Academy of Visual Arts. Leipzig
working sojourn at Casa Alejandro de Humboldt. Havana. Cuba
guest lecturer at the Emory University, Atlanta. USA
Hans Aichinger lives and works in Leipzig.


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»Fountain of Youth« Goethe Institut Lille . Galerie La Passerelle . Rouen . France
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»Melancholia« with Sarah Jones and Ingar Krauss. Klinger Forum. Leipzig (G) (C)
»RoleModels!« Gallery of the Kunststiftung Poll. Berlin (G)
»we are what you say« with Steffen Junghans. maerzgalerie. Leipzig
»welcome (new) home« maerzgalerie. Berlin (G)
»After the Goldrush« Kunstverein Speyer e.V. Kulturhof Flachsgasse (G)
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»Silent Revolution - Painting and Photography from Leipzig« Kerava Art Museum. Kerava. Finland (G) (C)
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»Impossible Germany« moti hasson gallery. New York, USA
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Emory University. Atlanta
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Carlisle Museum and Gallery. Glasgow (G)
Reg Vardy Gallery. Sunderland. United Kingdom
Kunstverein Alverdingen
Städtisches Theater Solothurn. Switzerland
Galerie Plume. La Chaux des Fondes. Switzerland
»Akzente« Duisburg
(G) group exhibition (C) catalogue
View: CV Hans Aichinger Download: CV Hans Aichinger (372,8 KB)

Hans Aichinger News

ohne Titel 2018, water color on paper, 70 x 100 cm
05-26-2019 – 04-26-2020

  • Hans Aichinger

»Das Kollegium« Grafikstiftung Neo Rauch. opening Saturday, Mai 25th, 4pm . exhibition participation

»Der Schamane« (detail) 2016, oil on canvas, 120 x 100cm
02-08-2019 – 05-12-2019

  • Hans Aichinger

»New Acquisitions- Hildebrand Collection« G2 Kunsthalle . Leipzig

»Unruhe« (detail) 2016, oil on canvas, 90 x 70cm
11-26-2018 – 02-25-2019

  • Hans Aichinger

»Zeigen und Sagen« curated by Hans Aichinger . Deutsche Bundesbank Geldmuseum . Frankfurt am Main . opening 26 November 7:30pm

»History of Violence« 2011 . oil on canvas
07-05-2018 – 11-25-2018

  • Hans Aichinger

»MdbK meets G2. Malerei aus Leipzig nach 2000« Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig . exhibition participation

Sebastian Schrader »Studie 9 zu Aufgeschoben« 2016, oil on canvas, 90 x 80cm
07-05-2018 – 11-25-2018

  • Sebastian Schrader
  • Hans Aichinger

Sammlung Hildebrand . G2 Kunsthalle . Leipzig . exhibition participation

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