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Sebastian Neeb

A trace of irony and the barely hidden pleasure is a playful blend in the multi-disciplinary work of Sebastian Neeb. He plays with the sublime nature of art and approaches it – verbally and figuratively – looking behind the gestures and slogans. Neeb’s tragicomedy figures and scenes create a distance which either make the trivial visible or demolish the abysses.
In recent years, Sebastian Neeb has created a complex artistic cosmos. Painting, photography, objects, installations and sculptures all complement each other through thematic complexes. The craftsmanship techniques are mastered at the same time and the handling of different materials are combined to form coherent installations.
Neeb designs trophies for nonsense performances, balances paintings on sideboards, invents paper noses for portraits that are painted in an old-fashioned way – like the old masters and allows ceramic creatures to demand the attention of the beholder. He proclaims that his works are in the form of proverbs – the »wooden wurst« a comprehensive contemporary allegory of The Golden Calf.
The »New Leader« character head placed on a pedestal, does not present power. They are disfigured physiognomies, witty and grotesquely deformed substances of faces that remark on the sight of power.
With the series of trophy-sculptures (with Neeb’s typical titles such as "Trophy for finding the jar of wisdom, drained to the dregs and stuck to a piece of wood"), he unmasks the competition hype culture as an unreflective folklore. Finally, in »Donkey Lessons«, the slogans of power politics and easy-going entertainment are no longer distinguished and the viewer of the artwork is now the addressee of the retort messages. The works push Neeb’s ironically formulated doubts: the splendor radiates a solemn grandeur and hides its auditorium, almost fading out what can be seen behind the glory. His objects both work for and against each other: blindness and recognition, he is never engaged in a thematic manner but a disillusioned one – a clever and entertaining style.
Sebastian Neeb’s work is a comprehensive commentary in a distantly thought-out present. His gaze permeates the accustomed rituals and transforms the astonishment into his art. He does not work with the reserved mirror image of the subject; instead, Neeb works with the imitation of practiced perception patterns and calculated reactions. Here art presents the confrontation of the beholder with an object.


born in Güstrow, grown up in Berlin
1995 - 2000
studies of traditional painting techniques, taught by Wolf-Ulrich Friedrich
2001 - 2002
studies of philosophy at Humboldt-University Berlin
2002 - 2009
studies of fine arts in the classes of Daniel Richter, Anselm Reyle, Claudia Shneider and Robert Lucander at the Berlin University of the Arts.
masterstudies under supervision of Daniel Richter and Robert Lucander
Sebastian Neeb lives and works in Berlin.

exhibitions (selection)

»spotting the obvious« Irmin Beck. Munich
»The Problem with the Wooden Wurst« maerzgalerie. Berlin
»The Big Donkey Chase« Christine Park Gallery, London. GB
»Neue Nasen für alle« Irmin Beck. Munich
»Masters Revisited« maerzgalerie. Leipzig (C)
»Trust us!« with Thomas Sommer. maerzgalerie Leipzig
»New leader and tulips in a black mirror« Irmin Beck. Munich
»Hulk mit der Laubsäge gerettet« Irmin Beck. Munich
»History Eraser Button« Berlin Art Projects. Berlin

»Fountain of Youth« R E I T E R. Leipzig
»In the Making« R E I T E R Berlin prospect
»Menschtierwir« Affenfaust Galerie. Hamburg
»I shot the deputy« Tabya, Thessaloniki. Greece
»Praise and Throphy« DZIALDOV. Berlin

»paint euphoria« maerzgalerie. Leipzig
»New Painting from Germany« National Fine Arts Museum, Hanoi. VNM
»Statement 2: New Painting from Germany« Goethe Institut, Hong Kong. China
»The Black and the white Key« Schau Fenster – Raum für Kunst. Berlin

»5544 impossible« maerzgalerie (plus)*. Leipzig
»Giftshop« with Erwin Wurm, Jorinde Voigt and others. Kosmetiksalon Babette. Berlin
»Salon der Gegenwart« Hamburg (C)

»Painting beyond II« maerzgalerie. Leipzig
»Wahrschau! Freibeuter« MS Bleichen. Freihafen Hamburg (on the Long Night of Museums)
»Painting beyond« maerzgalerie. Berlin
»PLICA« Stiftung Kunst und Design der Sparda-Bank. Münster
»Der Baum – Material, Inspiration, Motiv« Galerie Handwerk. Munich
»Communication Berlin Havanna« Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales Habana. Cuba (C)
»Craft Alchemy« Design Miami/Basel, Miami Beach. USA (C)
»Qubique« Berlin

»DMY« Berlin (C)

»Salone Satellite« Milan Furniture Fair. Italy (C)
»D3 Contest imm cologne« Cologne (C)
»Beiläufige Erwähnung eines unerhörten Vorgangs« Atelier Soldiner. Berlin
»Wahrschau! Vineta« MS Bleichen. Freihafen Hamburg (on the Long Night of Museums)
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Sebastian Neeb News

exhibition view »The Big Donkey Chase« Kunstverein Glückstadt
10-28-2018 – 12-09-2018

  • Sebastian Neeb

»The Big Donkey Chase« Palais für Aktuelle Kunst Kunstverein Glückstadt . solo exhibition . opening 28.10.2018 2pm

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