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04-06-2019 – 06-15-2019 | R E I T E R Leipzig

Thomas Taube

A Very Small Tiny Little Thing

Thomas Taube’s A Very Small Tiny Little Thing presents Operating Track, a synchronized 8-channel video installation that immerses the viewer into a cacophonous narrative carried by a constellation of abstract and concrete characters: an asbestos particle, a horse, a construction worker in Toulouse, an actress and film as a medium. Through a ruptured narration that assumes plural perspectives, Thomas Taube explores the failures and the shortcomings of technology. Neither judgemental nor didactic, Taube’s approach is experimental; taking a position of observation that is at once philosophical and poetic. More specifically, Taube attempts to poke into the fabric of social apathy to draw attention to materials and phenomena that are everywhere around us, but that we have physically and mentally expunged from our consciousness.