REITER galleries

02-25-2021 – 03-10-2021 | R E I T E R Leipzig

Carsten Goering


The space-specific installation by Carsten Goering and Ya-Wen Fu in Leipzig is a continuation of the idea behind the installation "Fine Line" from 2019, which was created in Seoul. Similar to Carsten Goering's paintings, the ordered and disordered bands defy a complete perception. The approach follows this principle: the ribbons cross each other, run parallel, over and under each other, entangle and unravel, (create) and (produce) a picture to be explored in the process.

As with his paintings, the point of view is crucial. Different points or places of observation create different "pictures", even if the "picture" remains the same. The central aspect is the idea, the thought of "truth", "communication" and "movement". The work is in a continuous process, without stagnation. Shapes, colors and spatial experiences depend on the perspective of observation. The work stimulates thinking. Experiencing and thinking is then placed in the hands of the visitor. Reality, or what we understand as such, behaves relative to the angle of observation and remains abstract like Goering's painting.What the viewer makes of the installation becomes the installation.

This experience is free of any objectivity. Only the 'Mirror-Ball' is deliberately chosen as a black mirror ball. It floats above the ribbons, can be understood as a symbol carrier for the worldwide pandemic and the associated cultural, but also physical and analog void. The black earth as a pandemic metaphor alludes to closed clubs, to missing openings and other cultural events. The now lonely spinning Black Mirror Ball as Black Earth - a small light in the universe that keeps spinning constantly.