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09-13-2014 – 12-20-2014 | R E I T E R Leipzig

Sebastian Schrader

Happy Monday

„Schrader is a virtuoso with a lucid intention of lending forms. His pictures are directed towards the centre of the European painting tradition, the centre of thinking in colour, which the artist has declaredly devoted himself to. [...] Each picture is taking a new breath. And he tells of lingering, of slowness, of the rejection of the hectic rhythm of time - but in a lively and persistent painterly manner. Schrader’s voluminous form of engrossment and listening to what is inside him is an aesthetically fast-paced monologue and an assurance of his own status as an artist, accompanied by everyday humour, as it were.“

aus: C. Tannert „Soul aus dem Trockendock“. In: Sebastian Schrader „Happy Monday“ Monographie 2014.