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09-13-2014 – 10-25-2014 | R E I T E R Leipzig Plus

Andreas GrahlClemens TremmelHans AichingerSebastian NeebMoritz Wehrmann

Masters Revisited

Hans Aichinger . Wolfgang Ganter . Andreas Grahl . Sebastian Neeb . Clemens Tremmel . Moritz Wehrmann

Six selected viewpoints proposing six various prospects to reconsider the Old Masters and their oeuvre in a contemporary way.
Vast romantic landscapes with its symbolic reading as venues of longing and perfection are brutally sawed, the poetic flowers of evil transformed into messengers of death in a Dutch style, character portraits appearing in an Old Masters technique enforce modern contexts, mythological themes
are artfully adopted and narrated in a new way, major masterpieces biologically processed are leading visionary into the future and a bronze sculpture is out of joint...