»Paper« Ausstellungsansicht . maerzgalerie Leipzig (plus)*


Leipzig Plus 7 Nov – 19 Dec 2015

»Paper« exibition view . maerzgalerie Leipzig (plus)*
»Paper« exibition view . maerzgalerie Leipzig (plus)*
Hans Aichinger . Wilhelm Frederking . Falk Messerschmidt . Claus Georg Stabe . Maijla Zeneli . Andrey Klassen

Paper is impatient. The two-dimensional material made from plant fibre keeps expanding its features; opacity, isolation, resistance to tearing and splitting, as well as being the carrier material of infor- mation, vision, narration, provocation and inspiration. At best it is the exquisite fabric itself that matures into new potential.
The show »Paper« combines six artistic positions, observing and using the material from its various aspects, challenging its abilities and giving it new shape.