REITER galleries

11-05-2016 – 12-17-2016 | R E I T E R Leipzig Plus

Claus Georg Stabe

Plains of Paradise

Stabe has refined the genre of drawing – with simple tools. He virtuously renegotiates the line – the elementary particle of the medium drawing. He adds them to surfaces creating unusal effects. The drawing graphics occure through ballpoint pen on paper. In modifying the pen pressure, dense and clearer lines appear, while overlapping inks unfold a sublime colouring. The horizontal rows present alienated and abstract motives and clichés, such as a palmtree, the moon and a sunset. In front of bright, pop-like colours the lines iridesce and create a mysterious aura. The effect shines beyond the medium and plays with the idea of photography effects, old printmaking techniques, fabric tissues and microscopic recordings.