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06-30-2022 – 08-27-2022 | R E I T E R Berlin prospect

Tiziana Jill Beck

Walking on Thin Air

Tiziana Jill Beck (Detail)
Tiziana Jill Beck (Detail)

Walking on Thin Air
Tiziana Jill Beck about her practice

Two hovering surfers become politicians on the way to Ibiza. Twinkling flecks become a meteorite on its way to earth, or perhaps a miniscule cell – and the Dalai Lama becomes the Dada Lama.
In my drawings and paintings the sense and nonsense of the everyday are mixed with influences from art history and pop culture. In individual pictorial compositions I absorb current events, defamiliarize what flows in, abstract and recontextualize.
Through a process of continual experimentation and laboring, words such as material, form and color constitute variable coordinates – and in combination with repetition, variation and the sampling of motifs, these methods generate a resonance body. I begin with concrete starting points, everything flows in, and during the drawing process introduces deviations and changes into my original undertaking.
What does this spot on the paper mean? What have I just heard on the radio? Do two half-truths make a truth? Can I flirt with machines? Why do I have such a lump in my throat, and why is the air so thin today?

Using different painting materials such as Indian ink, oil, chalk, colored and lead pencils, I explore the detours and winding paths which my hand takes when drawing. In the process I can rely on unexpected discoveries. Ideas with substantive and formal disposition are developed in sequences and explored, varied and developed in picture series.
The engagement with words and text fragments, which via signs and script emerge as pictorial elements to be explored and positioned, is just as central. How can I use language to unfold and develop new levels of meaning and association possibilities?
Through drawing an instrument is formed which I can use for the purpose of representation, as well as research and communication, enabling me to model and transform my thoughts and articulate them on paper, canvas and other media.

Tiziana Jill Beck (born 1982) primarily works in drawings, often combined with artistic publications, installative objects, and currently paintings. The artist studied at the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin and the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig where she is currently a master student of Christoph Ruckhäberle. After extended stays in South Korea and Paris, Tiziana Jill Beck now works in Berlin.